I didn't plan to go to Bolivia because I thought that I needed visa for it. But accidentally I figured out that at the end of last year (good news for my Russian friends) we signed an agreement between our countries and now we don't need any visas for tourists. That was a big relief because visa to Bolivia was expensive and quite complicated to get. So, I decided to go to Bolivia from Peru.

My first stop was soon after crossing the border, in Copacabana, town at the lake Titicaca. Nice, small, quiet and very cheap. For example, I had a private room at the hostel with a shared bathroom for 3,5 USD per night. Actually, everything is cheap in Bolivia, except some very popular tourist attractions. Bolivia is even cheaper than Colombia and Ecuador, which were on the top of my list of cheapest countries in this trip.

So, Titicaca. Definitely worth visiting for a couple days at least because it's the highest navigable lake in the world (3812 meters). And also there are two picturesque islands on the lake not far from Copacabana: Isla del Sol and Isla de la Luna with some Inca ruins and very beautiful views.

After 2-3 days there you probably will be bored. Too small and quiet...

Then I went to La Paz. This one is the highest capital city in the world (3650 meters). That's the only interesting thing about it. it's a huge, ugly, dirty, busy city. But from there you can take a bus to everywhere else.

Well, I should mention that around La Paz there are a lot of beautiful mountains and volcanoes you can climb. Most of them are above 6000 meters. And the popular Death road - mountain road with no railing on the edge of the cliff. Famous as the most dangerous road in the world. You can buy a tour and ride a bicycle down that road with the group and a guide. It's expensive and, as I have heard from other people, not dangerous at all because the guide watch you all the way and don't allow to do anything crazy. You can do that tour, get a "free" T-shirt of "death road survivor" and be proud of yourself. I didn't do that. Too expensive (that's one of expensive touristic things I mentioned earlier).

Well, the way they celebrated Easter was quite interesting.

From La Paz I went directly to Uyuni. I couldn't wait to see salt flats! It'd been supposed to be the highlight of my trip in Bolivia. And it definitely was!

From Uyuni you may have one day tour or three days tour. During one day you go only to salt flats. In three days you see much more: salt flats, lagoons of different colors, desert, national park, thermal springs... I found it stupid to write about it. It's incredible and must see! Just watch the pictures.

And after that tour you may go back to Uyuni (town) or go to Chile. I wanted to go to Chile but Universe was against that. The day I was supposed to cross the border, an awful snow storm happened and they closed the border. I went back to Uyuni and the same day bought a bus ticket to the border with Argentina...

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