Ron con ron

Being serious intellectual explorer of the world sometimes becomes boring and you need to make a break for doing some stupid things. That's how I justify myself after almost two weeks of laziness and never ending parties. To be honest, lame excuse for me, but luckily I don't have anyone to blame me for that.

So, in this story I'll write about two countries: El Salvador and Nicaragua.

All the travelers I know strongly recommended me to avoid exploring El Salvador and I didn't have any reasons to not believe them. So I concentrated on a small touristic town El Tunco: one main street with lots of bars and restaurants, nice beach with black sand, warm ocean, nice waves, sunsets, walking distance to everything... After climbing the volcanoes in Guatemala I had some damages on my body so I had to miss few days of good waves, but in the end I surfed two times there and I really liked it. The only thing that upsets me is a cost of renting a board - 10 USD per day. So, as I've mentioned before, because of all my cuts and bruises I had to miss the surfing but not the parties and opportunity to enjoy very nice and cheap local beer. Everyone around always supported this idea.

Unfortunately, I can't tell anything else about this place, because it's all they have. Waves and cheap alcohol. I also had a hike to waterfalls because I do need some activities at least once a week and I can't say they were very impressive but it's absolutely nothing else to do there. Absolutely!

Next stop - Leon, Nicaragua. Nice colonial town but compare to others I've already seen in this trip (like Antigua), not impressive. But there was one new thing I've tried there. Volcano boarding. You climb the volcano with the board and then slide down sitting/standing on the board. It was fun, new experience and a portion of adrenaline. After that they give you a "free" tank top and "free" beer (again). 28 USD for everything.

Next stop - San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. Remember El Tunco? Same! Surfing and parties. San Juan is just bigger, the sand is not black, the water is colder, the waves are different and surfing is not in the town - you have to take transport to get to the spots.

When I was still in El Tunco people everywhere were saying weird words "Sunday funday" and walking around in tank tops with the same words. After arriving in San Juan I found out the origin of it. It's the very famous pool party happening in San Juan every Sunday. People start drinking at noon and shuttles just bring them from one bar to another. I was there. I got another one "free" tank top.

Rum is very cheap and popular here so it's the headline for my staying in San Juan. Morning here starts with coffee with rum and evening ends with "rum with rum" (spanish "ron con ron"). So, you can imagine...

Now I'm writing it in the bus in Costa Rica. I'll make it through Costa Rica very quickly because for me it's too touristic and more expensive than all the other countries in this region. So, one night in San Jose (the capital). Absolutely nothing to do here, it's just the most convenient way to get to Puerto Viejo (one night there as well), where I'll took a shuttle across the border and then a boat to Bocas del Toro, Panama, which is my next destination. Puerto Viejo de Talamanca is very quiet and nice place with good surfing and absolutely amazing alien landscapes. Especially after the rain. Maybe next time I'll stay here a little bit longer.

Now I need some detox, some workout for my body and some work for my brain. I'll get it all very soon!

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Inna Nikitina