Belize. Done.

Belize is very expensive compare to other countries around and it doesn't really have anything really interesting for me personally that's why I'd decided to spend minimum time there and go to the next country.

First plan was just to stay there for one night but I was so exhausted after a bus trip across the border that I decided to extend for one more night.

Crossing the border from Mexico to Belize was an interesting experience. I had to takes public bus in Chetumal (Mexico) which goes to Belize City (Belize). The bus has no actual schedule. Locals told me that buses start arriving at 9.30 in the morning and run approximately every hour.

I arrived to the bus stop at 9.

First bus arrived at 11.

It's Mexico, baby...

Crossing the border was not a problem at all and took not too much time (in the previous article I wrote about my fears and concerns). Permitted time of stay is 30 days. An interesting thing in Mexico (and in Belize as well) is a tax upon departure by land (if you fly out it's included in the price of the ticket). In Mexico and Belize it's about 20 USD.

It reminds me the story someone had told me about the camel riding in Egypt. The owners of the camels offer you a ride very cheap or for free, but after they ask for money to help you to get off the camel.

Belize has some beautiful islands and iconic places for diving. I was really tired of the touristic shit in Mexico and I have problem with ear that doesn't allow me to dive any more, besides, it's really expensive. Even the ferry to get there. So I decided to stay on a mainland.

Belize City is not the best place to stay, so I'd chosen San Ignacio, small quiet town close to the boarder with Guatemala. Accommodation here is reasonably priced (unlike the other places in Belize) but the prices for everything are still higher than in Mexico.

Sad to say that the whole country except the touristic places looks like a dump. Garbage, awful roads, mud everywhere. And the number of abandoned, rusted cars, that you see everywhere here seems to be bigger than a number of the cars on the roads. Of course it's not the feature of just Belize, but here the contrast between tourism and normal life is huge.

People are very nice though. People are nice all over the world! When I was on the bus to Belize City I was sitting next to the local woman and decided to talk to her about life in Belize. But instead of it I was just answering her questions about Russia and other countries as she had never been abroad. Then she asked me to show her Russian money and was very fascinated by "how beautiful it is". I gave her a coin for memory... and I ended up giving away all my coins to people in the bus. Due to a current exchange rate it is a very cheap way to make people happy.

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