My Crimean "friends"

Still people staying here for vacation or season work is a special kind of people with a special mentality. And they, apparently, will be the reason I escape from here for some other country or go back to my beloved, multiethnic, multicultural, developed and well educated Moscow.

Of course, there are mostly Russians and Ukrainians here, but also a lot of people from countries of the former USSR.

The majority of the audience here is typically "Soviet".

I am surrounded on all sides by families with children who communicate only with each other and only about children (women) and politics (men and women). With all the knowledge about the politics they have got from the TV. And they all are the same age as me, but I have totally nothing to talk to them about...

And yet there are a lot of retirees , often also with children (grandchildren) who only communicate with other retirees and only about what they've seen on TV. Vacationers come here, not abroad, because they do not know foreign language, do not know how to communicate and make contact and do not consider it necessary to broaden their mind. And, by the way, one of my friends from Australia once asked me why all Russian girls are so beautiful, and all Russian guys are ugly (hi, Sophani). Then I didn't know what to answer, but now I know that it is not quite right. Because there are lots of ugly girls and pretty guys in Russia. But they prefer not to travel abroad. They all are here)))

People here even don't have a Facebook page!!! They all use VK (the Russian analogue of Facebook)!!! All my attempts to make friends with someone finished very quickly. People prefer to remain in the same group they came here.

No, of course it's not that bad, and I have met a few beautiful, interesting and open minded people.

I did the photo shoot for interesting women from Novosibirsk. She came here with her son, because of her work (she has access to top secret and confidential information) she can't go abroad.

Also in the hotel where I worked, I met a very interesting creative family from Moscow. They came because the vacation was unexpected, and one of them has international passport expired (Russians have two passports: one national, that we all must have as this is our main document on the territory of Russia, second, international (foreign), you get only if you want to and it's only for international travels).

Also a nice guy from Ukraine works as a cook in that hotel. He was studied five years in Italy, and then, for some reason, came to work in Crimea... Well, he just turned 20 years old this year, so he still has a lot of time to do some stupid shit))

Once a group of backpackers from Moscow came stay in the neighboring house for one night. I've spent good time with them, the next day they went to the canyon, but we took each other's contacts, I think we'll catch up in Moscow.

Good and interesting people can be found everywhere! But it looks like they come here by accident))

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Inna Nikitina