The first thing I've found out here.

This is the first and last time I tried to work as photographer for the company. Only freelance! And I want to advise everyone who plans on ever doing a photo shoot or to hire photographers for any event, hire a freelancer. Corporations are evil!

Now I work for a well-known international company. And many people consider it a sign of quality, like they won't hire amateurs. This may be so, but the problem is elsewhere. I work the second day and I already hate them all and each in particular on many occasions, but here I will describe only professional.

I work as a photographer at the hotel. The client himself chooses his favourite pictures after the photo shoot and pays them by the piece, 2.2 USD per each. The photographer gets only 30% of this amount. Company takes the rest only for the fact of its existence. The photo quality is poor because they are not edited (maybe only color correction), we are forced to take them in the not highest quality and resolution so photos take up less memory and we can upload and send them faster, therefore the client will never be able to print this picture in large format. Maybe few people want to, but the fact that a professional (any) consciously works not in the best quality and not with full dedication just annoys me.

The whole system on which we work here, is like some sort of crazy assembly line. People book a photo shoot for every 45 minutes, which is only enough to make a standard set of vulgar and uninteresting poses. No work with models, no individual approach. It is unnecessary. Companies only need money. It is a paradise for photographers who do not care about the customer and the result. If you are a that kind of photographer, you'll never earn anything being freelancer, go work for corporations. If you do care about the result and you enjoy a good photo as well as the client, and maybe even more, never, never go to work for someone else. Your thirst for creativity is not wanted here.

SPECTER photography


Inna Nikitina