To the south!

When I stay in one place too long, I'm going through a shortage of new experience and sensations and I'm getting a lot of unnecessary and unwanted thoughts. As well as I can fill in the lack of information only through the Internet and television, it does not benefit my inner harmony and, as a consequence, my character.

After a month in Moscow I began to feel it very clearly. So as soon as I received the invitation to work in Crimea for a couple months I agreed almost without hesitation.

I was asked to come as soon as possible, but I still had to finish some work in Moscow. Agreed I would be there in ten days. I bought a bus ticket because (inspired by one of my friends) I wanted to see a little bit of Russia out of my window, and was looking forward to check out on his new adventure.

Finally, the day came. I came to the bus station, got into the bus, turned on the the music from 10-20 years ago on my phone and looked dreamily out the window. "How nice," I thought - "just a dream, romance. I wish everyone to be as happy as I am at the moment!" I was having that mood for about four hours.

Then I got headache from the headphones in the ears, numb ass from sitting and I even have to save battery charge on the phone, as only a driver has the function of charging the battery and there were some people craving for it besides me. I wanted to read a book, but then suddenly it got dark, and there are no personal lights above the seat in the buses. And also no toilet, no bath, no food, no water and almost no rules And my longest flight lasted 23 hours, and in that bus I had to spend as much as 29 hours. So I remembered how good is to travel by plane. I've had enough of the road romance!

Here I am finally in Alushta. Too tired to write something or understand anything. Now I have only physical needs, and not even all of them. Annoying moth is flying in my room. Let it fly. And I haven't bought a local SIM card, because all the stores are closed, and I don't have wi-fi at my place, for these reasons I have no internet connection. And tomorrow is my first day at work, so I will publish late, sorry.

To be continued...

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Inna Nikitina