Volume 3.0

The last year of my twenties was the best year in my life so far!

I started it in Bali.

I spent it in eleven countries, nine of them were new for me.

I've met hundreds of amazing people, some of them became my good friends for a lifetime, I'm sure.

I've learned to not be afraid of my feelings and emotions. I've learned to find something good in any situation. I've learned to love and understand every person. I almost forgot all the bad emotions.

I feel like I've lived 10 different lives during this year. I've learned a lot, much more than I had learned for all the time before. I've learned to live life to the fullest.

And it all happened because few months before my 29th birthday I plucked up the courage and changed my life. It was very hard but it was worth it!

I'm feeling totally happy!

Hello, my fourth decade! I'm sure you will bring me something great!

I want to be always as excited as I was doing my first steps :)

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Inna Nikitina