Small things I love much

It is surprising how difficult it is to answer the question: what do you love? Or the same in many different ways: what do you like? What gives you joy? What cheers you up? When someone asks us such questions, only 2-3 obvious answers come up.

Here's what I think: we are not attentive to ourselves and our emotions and don't take them consciously. After all, each of us has many things that make them little happier and it's very easy to bring ourselves a little joy every moment we want it, because sometimes even the thought or memory of what you love lifts your spirits, but we forgot about it. Forgot about what we enjoyed when we were kids, what helped us not lose heart in difficult situations. And sometimes, when these small good things happen by their own, or someone makes them for us, we can even not notice them because of everyday routine.

It shouldn't be like that. If you want to be happy, you have to be aware of everything that happens around. And if happiness does not come by itself, you must help it happen.

I'm starting to remember everything that brings me joy and why. I'm doing this primarily for myself, but happy to share it with you. I set a goal to remember at least 30 of these things. To make it not too easy, I'll report about them on my Instagram @specter_photography with photos made by me and the hashtag #smallthingsilovemuch

If you want to join my personal flash mob, I will be very happy, because me and everyone else will have more ideas of how to cheer up.

Love you!

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Inna Nikitina