Armenian Chronicles. Random facts.

Small country which now occupies large space in my heart. Incredible landscapes: mountains, hills, lakes and fields. The rich cultural and spiritual heritage. Delicious food. Amazing people.

Some random facts I found out here:


  • To rent the apartment (80 square meters) in the center of Erevan – 1600 USD per month;

  • Dinner in a good restaurant with wine – 5-10 USD, 10% service always included in your check;

  • Taxi – 0,2 USD per kilometer in the city, 85 USD per day (13 hours, around 500 kilometers);

  • Ticket to the opera – 4-16 USD, to the museum of modern art – 1 USD;

  • One kilogram of apricots – 2,3 USD (they say that in a couple of weeks the season for it will start and it will cost 0,1 USD per kilo).

The most impressive places I would advise to visit: Karaundzh, Khor Virap Monastery, Noravank Monastery, Sevan Lake, Garni Monastery.

The only people I don't like here are taxi drivers. 75% of them were flirting with me, 75% of them were trying to cheat. So, as we can count, half of them were trying to do both. Be cautious!

You can drink tap water here, it tastes ok. You can drink from lots of drinking fountains on the streets, it tastes like a real mountain river.

Armenians eat a lot. Every time after I order in a restaurant, they ask: “what else?”, “do you need bread?”, “do you need snacks?”, “do you need salad?”, “is that all, really?” They just don’t believe I can stay alive eating that amount of food.

Armenian word “thank you” is one of the most difficult I have ever learned. But now I pronounce it perfectly! Armenian word for “9” sounds like my name.

Armenians says that they don't like all the neighboring countries. In order, starting with the most hated: Turkey, Azerbaijan, Iran, Georgia. But lots of people from there come to Armenia and I’ve never seen Armenians being aggressive to any of them, so I guess it’s not true.

The most beautiful men I’ve seen here are the priests.

Not all the men in Armenia are hairy.

Armenian men REALLY know how to treat a woman and how to take care of her. And they are willing to do it. If I ever want to get married, I’ll come back here to look for a husband.

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