Armenian Chronicles. Food.

When I was on a plane to Yerevan, one girl from Moscow was sitting next to me. While we talked, she told me that she is a vegetarian and does not drink alcohol at all. All I could tell her: you chose the wrong country to visit. For me all the Caucasian countries has always been associated with meat and alcohol. And the visit to Armenia made me convinced in it.

They love meat here and know how to cook it. Any kind of meat, any style. Absolutely. Meat and meat products here served without garnish. It is better to eat more meat, right?))

I've never been to a place, where they cook it badly. But I noticed an interesting thing: the more expensive and pretentious the restaurant is, the worse they cook (I'm talking about proper restaurants, not fast food). Maybe because they are focused more on tourists who are not particularly versed in the local cuisine...

So, if you come to a restaurant of Armenian cuisine in Armenia, eat something made of meat, you will not be disappointed!

Alcohol. I don't like local beers. That's all I can say about it. Bottled local wine was disappointing also. To me it seems tasteless and has poor bouquet. The only exceptions are wines 20 years old or so. But in the menu of almost every restaurant there is a house wine. Here it is worth a try, everywhere it was quite good. They also make "wine" from almost all (maybe all) of fruits that are available. My favourite is the pomegranate. The rest taste like canned fruit in syrup for me. Too sweet, in my opinion, but some people like them. They also make fruit "vodka". Tastes like sweet vodka with a fruity aroma and flavor. There are 50-60 percent of alcohol in it. Locals love it. Me not :)

And of course, Armenia is famous for its cognac. And for good reason. It's amazing. You shouldn't drink it during meals, to not ruin its taste and to fully enjoy it. Having fun in good company. You have to drink here. For sure!

And don't forget to taste their sweets, which are called "sujukh" made from walnuts and thickened fruit juice (you can see it on picture just in front the old lady).

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