Armenian Chronicles. People.

Three days in Armenia and now I finally have some time to write about it!

First of all I want to tell about people. I don't feel that I'm out of my country at all. Most of Armenians speak good or perfect Russian and love Russians much. Actually, it seems that they love everyone on this planet. They are very friendly, generous, helpful and positive.

They also are very sincere, not afraid to show their feelings and emotions. Sometimes it can be really creepy, for example when the officer at passport control at the airport finds you on facebook by your name and start texting and calling you asking for a date. Or when the waiter from the restaurant "falls in love with you at first sight" and starts following you, even can come to your hostel at night just to see you for 3 minutes. Or when the 60++ years old taxi driver ask you if you want to have sex with him and when you say "NO" he is really surprised! So, girls, be aware of it if you travel to Armenia alone. But despite all this I feel safe. Maybe I shouldn't but I have an impression that no one will do any harm to me.

They are very hospitable. I already spent two evenings drinking cognac with the owner and the manager of a hostel I'm staying at.

They are very sociable and willing to talk about anything and as long as it's possible.

You become friends with Armenians immediately and, as I think, for a long time.

To be continued...

P.S. Just a cute Armenian guy on the photo.

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