On the road again!

Sometimes all I feel is pain. Pain in my muscles after walking too much, climbing, crawling. Pain of all wounds, scratches and bruises I have after doing my favorite activities and trying new ones. Exploring the world my way can be very painful.

Sometimes I wake up on the plain and it takes me some time to remember where I am going.

Sometimes I feel so exhausted that all I want is to stay alone and just sleep for a week.

Sometimes I have so many impressions that I want to make a break, to stay in a very quiet and comfortable place for several months at least, not going/driving/flying anywhere.

Now I'm finally home. I haven't been here for more than a year and I'm here for 3 weeks already. It's so peaceful, quiet and comfortable that I have only one desire right now... To get out of here!

My flight is in 39 hours! I can't wait!!!

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Inna Nikitina