Welcome to Earth

Sometimes I feel like an alien when I talk to some people...

I tell someone that I'm going to Armenia soon:

- I'm going to Armenia.

- Armenia? Why?

- Why not? I've never been there. I like to go to the new places.

- I see. But why have you decided to go to Armenia?

- Because I like to travel and I've never been there.

- But you can go somewhere else.

- (Damn, what does he want from me?) Yes, I can. But I just had an idea to go to Armenia and I'm going there.

- OK. But what are you gonna do there?

- Travel, make photos, see places, meet people.

- Why can't you just answer the questions?!

- ??? What questions? I just answered.

- Why did you choose Armenia? What's special about it?

- (Ok, I should guess what answer he is expecting from me) Well, it's close, cheap and I don't need visa to go there.

- Ah, ok!

- (Finally!!!)

Someone is asking me about my job:

- So, you came back to Moscow. When are you going back to work?

- What work?

- You use to work at the bank, right. Are you going back?

- No, I have job already.

- What job do you have?

- I'm a photographer.

- But I mean real job.

- What's unreal about my job.

- But it's not a stable job. It's hard to earn money doing it.

- It's not easy to earn money doing anything.

- Yes, but it's weird. You need a proper job anyway...

- (Okay)

Someone is surprised that I travel the world alone:

- So did you move to Bali alone?

- Yes.

- But did you have someone there?

- No.

- Did you have a job there?

- No.


- And were you traveling Asia all alone?

- Yes.

- Why???

- (Isn't it obvious?) Because I love traveling and I'm alone.

- But it's scary!

- Not really.

- But it's so boring. Being alone all the time.

- I meet lots of amazing people everywhere. I don't feel lonely at all.

- But it's scary anyway!

- (Okay)

After 5 minutes of such a conversation, to prevent me from hearing it any longer, my brain automatically turns on the song of Guano Apes that's playing in my head:

"Open your eyes, open your mind

Proud like a god don't pretend to be blind

Trapped in yourself, break out instead

Beat the machine that works in your head"

#alien #misunderstanding #openyourmind

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