Simple is perfect

Today I was told that I've become too simple! I was told that people like me can be easily manipulated and hurt because I'm too sincere, always tell about my thoughts and feelings. And I was offered to read a book about how to drive men crazy!!! That book has one point - you have to pretend someone who you're not. Well, I have something to say about that!

Life is too short to spend it on stupid games. Time is too precious to waste it on wrong people. So in relationship, love, friendship I am and always will be simple and sincere. If I like the person I'll tell him about it. I'm not going to pretend indifferent, to be of interest to someone. I don't hint, I always tell what I want. If the person doesn't care about me or wants to hurt me, he's gonna do it anyway, so it's better to figure it out earlier. And besides you can't pretend forever. Sooner or later you'll show your real personality and everything's gonna be ruined. If someone asks me for help I will help. And I don't care if someone is taking adventage. I just feel good doing good things. I will always show my feelings and emotions because I want the same people by my side. I have the best friends in the world because they are real. We really know and feel each other and we would never become that close if we had pretended. I will always fall in love until I find my true love. I will always get attached to the good people even if they live thousands miles away from me. I'm not afraid of feelings. Feelings make my life wonderful. Feelings make me real. If someone hurts my feelings I'll recover and forget about it. When I see that someone manipulates me I just leave without saying a word and I will always do that. I never regret, never take revenge and never will. I understand that this person is not for me.

Being honest and sincere is not a sign of wickness, it's the sign of strength. You have to be very brave to live without mask, my friends.

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