No escape

When I left for Bali some of my friends were asking me to teach them how to escape from their boring life. My answer was always the same: while you want to ESCAPE you shouldn't do it.

I didn't escape from Moscow. I loved that city, I had many friends, I loved and enjoyed my job for many years, I didn't care about weather and it was really hard for me to leave everything. The reason I left was my desire to try something completely different, to find new horizons, to learn something new, to challenge myself, to push my limits, to have new experience. I did it with only positive thoughts and open heart.

Do you want to escape from work? But you have to work everywhere to make a living. Traffic? Traffic in Bali is much more annoying. Crowd? Lots of people everywhere, especially in Asia. Bad people? There are some stupid and mean people all over the world.

If you want to ESCAPE from something you will find exactly the same thing wherever you go because you are focused on your negative thoughts about it. First of all you should find harmony inside your soul and learn to be happy with who you are and where you are.

It's incredible how many unhappy people I've met while I was living in Bali. They haven't found their happiness on that beautiful island, because the problem was in their heads and it's still there.

I just got back to Moscow after more than a year of living in Bali. I'm meeting my friends and I see that everyone are happy with their life. Many things have changed for a year. Some of my friends got married, some got babies, some changed job, some got a better position, some got degree, some bought their own apartment, some built their own house, some had perfect relationship. They all are sometimes annoyed by weather and traffic but none of them wants to escape. And I'm so glad to see them happy.

Surround yourself with happy people. It will definitely make you happier.

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