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July 26, 2016

When I stay in one place too long,  I'm going through a shortage of new experience and sensations and I'm getting a lot of unnecessary and unwanted thoughts. As well as I can fill in the lack of information only through the Internet and television, it does not benefit...

July 4, 2016

The last year of my twenties was the best year in my life so far!

I started it in Bali.

I spent it in eleven countries, nine of them were new for me. 

I've met hundreds of amazing people, some of them became my good friends for a lifetime, I'm sure. 

I've learned to not be...

June 23, 2016

It is surprising how difficult it is to answer the question: what do you love? Or the same in many different ways: what do you like? What gives you joy? What cheers you up? When someone asks us such questions, only 2-3 obvious answers come up.

Here's what I think: we ar...

June 19, 2016

Georgia was not very lucky with me as a visitor. 

I came here directly from Armenia, which I fell in love with and didn't want to leave, so Georgia would inevitably be compared and had to compete with it in all areas. It's like breaking up with a boyfriend who you still...

June 11, 2016

Small country which now occupies large space in my heart. Incredible landscapes: mountains, hills, lakes and fields. The rich cultural and spiritual heritage. Delicious food. Amazing people.

Some random facts I found out here:


  • To rent the apartment (80 square...

June 10, 2016

When I was on a plane to Yerevan, one girl from Moscow was sitting next to me. While we talked, she told me that she is a vegetarian and does not drink alcohol at all. All I could tell her: you chose the wrong country to visit. For me all the Caucasian countries has al...

June 7, 2016

Three days in Armenia and now I finally have some time to write about it!

First of all I want to tell about people. I don't feel that I'm out of my country at all. Most of Armenians speak good or perfect Russian and love Russians much. Actually, it seems thatthey love e...

June 2, 2016


Sometimes all I feel is pain. Pain in my muscles after walking too much, climbing, crawling. Pain of all wounds, scratches and bruises I have after doing my favorite activities and trying new ones. Exploring the world my way can be very painful.

Sometimes I wake up on...

May 30, 2016

Sometimes I feel like an alien when I talk to some people...


I tell someone that I'm going to Armenia soon:


- I'm going to Armenia.

- Armenia? Why?

- Why not? I've never been there. I like to go to the new places.

- I see. But why have you decided to go to Armenia?

- Becau...

May 27, 2016


Well... Today I published my web site on the internet.

Now I feel like if I'm naked in public :) 

Everyone can see my pictures which always have been very personal to me.

I'm afraid that my pictures are not good enough to show them to people. And that I'm bad photog...

May 26, 2016


I often think that I have to decide finally with the kind of photography I do. Because in order to improve your skills you need to concentrate on one thing, right?

There is no great photographer, who is equally good in making portraits, landscapes, art and street. 


May 25, 2016


Today I was told that I've become too simple! I was told that people like me can be easily manipulated and hurt because I'm too sincere, always tell about my thoughts and feelings. And I was offered to read a book about how to drive men crazy!!! That book has one poin...

May 22, 2016

When I left for Bali some of my friends were asking me to teach them how to escape from their boring life. My answer was always the same: while you want to ESCAPE you shouldn't do it. 

I didn't escape from Moscow. I loved that city, I had many friends, I...

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